Eternal Karkat

I found old ass Homestuck photoshoot pictures from 2011 that I never posted. From the very first Animini and also from Anime Nebraskon. Should I post some?

People who don’t look into anything and just reblog whatever they see and deem it the truth piss me the hell off.
It’s not that fucking hard to fucking google you goddamn shit bags.

Will you come to Arizona soon?

I don’t think so, it’s just too far for me. Especially with my limited income and vacation time.

so i'm going to one of the cons you are attending, would it be okay to get a picture with you? or would that be awkward

There are no guarantees it will be a decent photo as I tend to make dumb faces whenever a camera is pointed in my direction.

For the next con me and my friend are going to we're deciding to go to the con as homestuck characters since we just got into homestuck and absolutely love it. Since Karkats my favorite character I'm cosplaying as him but I'm wanting to be female karkat since that's never really been done before. Should I? P.S. My friends being female Dave

Genderswapped versions of Homestuck characters have been a popular thing to cosplay pretty much from the start. So I don’t see why there would be a problem with it. If you’re going for “super ultra canon accuracy” then that’s probably not the route you should go for, but if you’re just walking around a con or going to photoshoots opposite gender cosplays are a cool thing to do. Try to add something a little unique to your design is the only thing I’d reccomend.

Any voice acting tips?

I wish I had some…I don’t really voice act, I would love to though!
I guess, get a good mic, I don’t have one and that’s why I haven’t tried anything as of late.

Practice your range.
Know the limits of your voice too. When I do Karkat at cons it’s very common to see me on Sunday mute or going through vocal puberty all over again. I strain myself at every con, no matter how hard I try not to.
If you voice pesterlogs try to get a partner to voice the other person, that always ends up being fun.

If I have any voice acting followers that have stuff to add, go for it.
I can only think of, good mic, good recording program (i use audacity), and practice your voice a few times so it feels natural.

hi ok you are so cool and i look up to you very much and i wanna be friends with you bUT im very shy hhh..i met you at detour but idk im still very shy gjfjjfjfkfhshf regardless you're awesome ok

We met at Detour??? That means you probably saw me being really silly at one point or another, don’t be shy. If you have a skype mine is posted on my Tumblr, if you don’t wanna chit chat that way you can always come off of anon. I don’t bite, I promise.

would you be able to attend any cons in the saint louis area?

Right now my convention schedule looks like this:

Anime Fusion: October 17-19 MN
Metacon (possibly): October 31-Nov 2 MN
Anime Detour: March 27-29 MN
ACEN: May 15-17 IL

However I’m also planning a trip to see my boyfriend in Germany when I’m out of school next spring, so that may interfere with ACEN, I’m not sure yet. Depending on the convention schedule there I might be going to Hanami, with Kevin.  

Your karkat cosplay is really good and I tend to look at it a lot (I hope that doesn't sound creepy) whenever I'm having doubts towards my own. Where I live comic con is tomoRROW and I was gonna do john but, after watching you in some of those panels, I was reminded of my strong love the nubby horned troll. I guess you kind of inspired me to do karkat. And you're like my canon karkat okay I've fangirled bye


That is so awesome, I’m always to happy to hear of people cosplaying Karkat, and more so when it’s my fault. That nubby jerk needs more love. I’m sure you did fine, he’s a great character to be.

Hello there, just stopping by to say that you are and incredible cosplayer and I enjoy seeing you in videos on Youtube and on my dash. You're also a really great person and that's awesome. Hoping you have an excellent week full of love, light and happiness ^_^

Thank you.
All I really want is to make people laugh or feel better when I’m in cosplay. It’s one of the high points of cosplaying, I think anyways.
I will make sure that my week is full of nothing but those good things!