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Celebrating 413 Followers! (give or take a few)

To celebrate how much I can’t count, I’m having my first-rd giveway, offering up this fine weapon from the Derse arsenal, the REGISWORD.  Stab your enemies.  Stab your friends.  Send anyone who wanders into your office on a perilous assassination mission.  Whatever you want, it’s yours!


  • One Regisword
  • A custom Derse Hitlist with targets of the winner’s choosing


  • A silly hat or uniform that you are required to wear by order of the Black Queen.  You didn’t want to wear that stupid thing anyway.  It’s awful.


  • Reblog this post.  No giveaway blogs or alt accounts please.
  • There’s only one winner because I ain’t Jack Noir over here and have a pile behind my desk that I can just hand out willy-nilly.
  • You don’t have to be following me to win, but if perhaps if you like prop making, props, and mostly Homestuck cosplay, why not Zoidberg?
  • HOWEVER, I do wish to give a thank you reward to all my followers, so those following this blog will get an extra chance to win in addition to their reblog entry.
  • You must have your ask box open at the contest’s end!  I’ll randomly select a winner, but if you don’t respond within 48 hours, I’ll be skipping on down to the next person on the list. 
  • Winner within the United States pays NO SHIPPING.
  • For international shipping, I’ll cover the first 18 dollars, but the winner must cover the rest if necessary and understand the problems that may arise with international shipping (lost packages, customs hangups, longer shipping times, marauding bears, etc.)

Contest ends September 13, 2014!  Good luck and perhaps the likelihood of winning be always in your corner.

I have a need.

I don't know if you'll answer this but you are an amazing Karkat wow what ever I imagined he would be you are that wow just wow thank you for being bornnnn

I’m really glad you like my Karkat.
Karkat is my favorite.

I think…there’s been a mistake…

I think…there’s been a mistake…

This post was made to remind everyone that Lauren and I are Homestuck trash. And always will be.Sorry for the shitty camera quality it’s like the ass crack of dawn.

This post was made to remind everyone that Lauren and I are Homestuck trash. And always will be.
Sorry for the shitty camera quality it’s like the ass crack of dawn.

Today marks two years since Kevin and I have been dating.

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I found old ass Homestuck photoshoot pictures from 2011 that I never posted. From the very first Animini and also from Anime Nebraskon. Should I post some?

People who don’t look into anything and just reblog whatever they see and deem it the truth piss me the hell off.
It’s not that fucking hard to fucking google you goddamn shit bags.

Will you come to Arizona soon?

I don’t think so, it’s just too far for me. Especially with my limited income and vacation time.

so i'm going to one of the cons you are attending, would it be okay to get a picture with you? or would that be awkward

There are no guarantees it will be a decent photo as I tend to make dumb faces whenever a camera is pointed in my direction.

For the next con me and my friend are going to we're deciding to go to the con as homestuck characters since we just got into homestuck and absolutely love it. Since Karkats my favorite character I'm cosplaying as him but I'm wanting to be female karkat since that's never really been done before. Should I? P.S. My friends being female Dave

Genderswapped versions of Homestuck characters have been a popular thing to cosplay pretty much from the start. So I don’t see why there would be a problem with it. If you’re going for “super ultra canon accuracy” then that’s probably not the route you should go for, but if you’re just walking around a con or going to photoshoots opposite gender cosplays are a cool thing to do. Try to add something a little unique to your design is the only thing I’d reccomend.