Eternal Karkat

Hey so it’ll be my birthday in one day over a month. I’ll be spending the weekend partying it up at Anime Fusion! Sometimes people get people things for their birthday, but I’m really weird because I don’t like people spending money on me, but I’ll turn around drop cash on other people. Basically the best gift for me is friendship! Though if you really want to do something I ship JohnKat like nobody’s business. If you don’t wanna do that but still for some reason want to do something for me, message me via askbox, skype, text if you have my number, or hell even use DA. I’ll try to think of something…



Not going to lie. At first I thought the ham was a giant heart.


I’m home alone this weekend and my dad told me to cook a ham.
I am just one young man, I cannot eat this whole ham.

I just googled “How long does a person have to reattach a severed finger?”
Oh I just love doing too much research for fanfiction.
The answer is about 12 hours in case anyone was wondering.

Nothing will make more agitated than seeing posts that contradict canon or proven lore, or get facts wrong, of a fandom that I’m invested in. Especially if those posts are trying to prove a fact that is straight up not true.
My friends can vouch for me.
I’m like a little ball of fiery rage.

Outlast Headcanon:
When Miles isn’t paying attention while typing he will often miss the keys where his fingers used to be.

Hi! First of all I'd like to say that I really adore your cosplays I've seen on YouTube videos and from what I see is pretty good! But my question is are you going to any cons, anytime in the future? (Respond when you have time! Thanks for answering


I’ve said this a few times, but I suppose I’ll answer it again.Right now the cons I’m going to are:

Anime Fusion October 17-19 2014
Anime Detour March 27-29 2015
Anime Minneapolis May 8-10 2015
Anime Central May 18-17  2015
I might go to Metacon October 31-Nov 2 but I’m not sure yet. The only reason I’d go would be to meet one person, so I’m not sure if I’ll bother.

Also Anime Minneapolis and ACEN fall really close to each other again this year, they also happen to be placed right near finals week for spring semester, move out week, and one of the planned times I might go visit my boyfriend in Germany. When it gets closer to those cons I’ll have a for sure answer on if I’m going or not. As of right now, I’m still planning for ACEN because it’s a great con.

Story Time With Tye

Ok so before I start this thrilling tale of mine I’ll give you a warning. If you don’t like hearing about shitting or public bathrooms then I suggest you scroll past this train-wreck of an experience I had today.

It all started at work. I had to take a shit. The kind that is like a volcano about to erupt from your ass, the lava made from hot-sauce and regret over past life choices. I excused myself and headed to the nearest restroom, not sparing any time I swiftly took the closest stall. I sat down and noticed the stall next to me was occupied.

I decided to wait, because I’m all about public decency. Now I know you shouldn’t have to be embarrassed to take a poop in a bathroom, that’s what they are there for and why you are there. But the thing my body was about to bestow upon the world shouldn’t be smelled by anyone.

The bathroom was quiet, eerily quiet. I thought maybe I had been mistaken, maybe the stall next to me was empty and I was alone.
Then, in the silence, I hear it.


I couldn’t believe my ears. Then it goes again, another crunch and the prominent sound of chewing. It sounded like chips, or perhaps an apple slice. I was in disbelief. Not only did I have an audience for this shit I was about to take, but they’ve already stopped by the snack bar.


If they cared they gave no signs of it and continued to munch happily on their chips/apple slice. It has now been a good while since I’ve entered the bathroom stall. The only sounds had been this person eating at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It has gone beyond awkward. I was in poo limbo. Do I shit? Do I wait? Will this persons appetite ever be ruined? These are many questions that I did not have time to answer. 

The shit I had to take was coming, and I had to do something. While my next door neighbor chowed down beside me I declared them the winner of this bathroom duel and took a quick piss. Maybe they’ll think I was the worlds most timid urinater. Then I absconded down the hall to the next bathroom and promptly turned it into a bio waste hazard zone. 

I was having a bad day and feeling like shit…but then I got home…and the tiniest of boxes was waiting for me.I feel slightly better now, thanks Tiny Box Tim!

I was having a bad day and feeling like shit…but then I got home…and the tiniest of boxes was waiting for me.
I feel slightly better now, thanks Tiny Box Tim!